Canadian Wildland Fire Information System

FBP Fuel Type Descriptions

FBP Fuel Types

D1 - Leafless Aspen

D1 - Leafless Aspen

This fuel type is characterized by pure, semimature trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides Michx.) stands before bud break in the spring or following leaf fall and curing of the lesser vegetation in the autumn. A conifer understory is noticeably absent, but a well-developed medium to tall shrub layer is typically present. Dead and down roundwood fuels are a minor component of the fuel complex. The principal fire-carrying surface fuel consists chiefly of deciduous leaf litter and cured herbaceous material that is directly exposed to wind and solar radiation. In the spring the duff mantle (F and H horizons) seldom contributes to the available combustion fuel because of its high moisture content.

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