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FBP Fuel Types

C2 - Boreal Spruce

C2 - Boreal Spruce

This fuel type is characterized by pure, moderately well-stocked black spruce (Picea mariana (Mill.) B.S.P.) stands on lowland (excluding Sphagnum bogs) and upland sites. Tree crowns extend to or near the ground, and dead branches are typically draped with bearded lichens (Usnea spp.). The flaky nature of the bark on the lower portion of stem boles is pronounced. Low to moderate volumes of down woody material are present. Labrador tea (Ledum groenlandicum Oeder) is often the major shrub component. The forest floor is dominated by a carpet of feather mosses and/or ground-dwelling lichens (chiefly Cladonia). Sphagnum mosses may occasionally be present, but they are of little hindrance to surface fire spread. A compacted organic layer commonly exceeds a depth of 20–30 cm.

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